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 - If the Great Commission is God’s Mission Statement for the church, it should be our highest priority. Instead, so many religious organizations and groups have relegated “missions” to small, insignificant committees or to be handled by auxiliary groups or some such thing, while other secondary projects occupy the greatest measure of attention. Jesus’ last instructions to the church were to “GO!” This responsibility belongs to us all. It is not for one group or organization, but for every member of the body of Christ. And, if we are not going ourselves then we need to be sending someone else in our place. As one man has said, "we are called to either GO or SEND." It must become utterly un-acceptable to us that a generation could pass without hearing the Gospel of Christ. At 1615 this is what we live for. We are His Ambassadors (His authorized representatives here on Earth) on a diplomatic mission for the citizens of Heaven to help facilitate this great plan of God. Join with us! We each have a part to play. Together we can fulfill the plan of God for our life. We can fulfill His Vision, His Calling...and see the desire of His heart— The World —won in our generation.

  The call of God on each of our lives is not unique. We are all appointed to the same calling Jesus embraced during His Earthly ministry... "to seek and save that which was lost." The purpose of God has always been the same, His heart beats for the harvest of the souls of men which He made to be His family. The commission has never changed, or even been 'adjusted.' Every opportunity God gives us in ministering to the people around us has this end in mind...the salvation of their soul.

  No Divinely commissioned project can be accomplished alone. Any undertaking of value requires that resources be spent to accomplish its goals. There is no greater value in all the universe than the eternal condition of men's souls. And just like any other initiative, reaching them takes money and resources beyond the realm of any one persons ability. Salvation is the benefaction of God to man...but it isn't free. It cost Him everything to secure it for us all. It cost us to bring it to those who don't yet know. "Christ alone can save the world, but Christ cannot save the world alone."

  How important is this call to you? Are you willing to to take do something about it? Will you take ownership and responsibility for this commission that has been given to you? If you receive this call, you will do something about it. People always do what they want to do, especially in regard to their money, but where you put your money always indicates where your heart is in a matter. Where you focus your energy always reveals your truest motives. Why not do something that will count for all eternity? Why not buy something that cannot be taken away? God gives each of us an opportunity to be a part of the greatest and most important undertaking in all of history. And, He fitly joins people together for the fulfillment of this Divine Destiny.

  At 1615 we are looking for those who will join with us in fulfilling the design of His plan for our part in this truly great commission. We're looking for partners; people of like faith that want to get together and do something big with their life.  

PARTNERSHIP: A relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal, entered into by two or more persons in which each agrees to furnish a part of the capital and labor for an enterprise, and by which each shares a fixed proportion of profits.

  When you join with us in fulfilling the purpose, vision, and plan God has given this ministry, you are helping to fulfill the Great Commission and you become a shareholder in all that God accomplishes. Together we can do far more than any of us could accomplish alone. This Divinely unique relationship gives God a channel to funnel blessings into our lives by tapping the power of the law of seedtime and harvest. As our partners help us GO to the nations by committing to give financially to this ministry, God considers it the same as if they went to the nations and did the work themselves. You receive equal reward for all that is accomplished. No amount is too small because of the power of partnership. All we need to do to see God move in our lives is to provide a seed (no matter what size) and mix it with faith, He does the rest. That seed sown abounds to the sower's account and effectually results in a return on the investment. It also goes immediately to work facilitating our ability to minister around the world.

  We ask that you make it a matter of prayer: see if God would have you take your part with us. Do something big by using your resources to help reach the people of the nations with the answers for their eternity.

Romans 10:14-15 says, “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent?”

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