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We exist for the same reason He came. . . The World!

The Great Commission is in our name. It’s not just what we do…it’s who we are.

Our Vision: To disciple & lead an emerging generation of native ministers to establish Jesus-centered, Bible-based Churches and create opportunities to reach the peoples of Central Asia; empowering lives, inspiring communities, & seeing nations impacted by the power of the Gospel. 

Our Task: To us, Co-Mission engagement means - fulfilling His call with passion. We believe we are completing the Lord’s fundamental purpose in the Earth; to reach the harvest of souls in the nations with the message of His Gospel. There are three specific phases of ministry that are required for us to carry out all the assignment to GO encompasses. They are identified and defined as follows:

 1. STRATEGIC MISSION—Quick strike, full on, boots on the ground, hands around the devils throat, cross cultural invasion of un-reached people groups. This element of ministry is where we go in to uncharted territory and endeavor to personally deliver the Light of the Gospel, engage with national leaders, develop local assets. 

 2. SUPPORTIVE MISSION—Enabling nationals through prayer, training events, and in some cases fiscal backing in key areas, as well as logistical and strategic planning. This is where we help the in-country-nationals do the work of the ministry by providing encouragement, instruction, and appropriate backing for them to reach their own people.

 3. SUSTAINABLE MISSION—If it doesn't last, it doesn't pass. In other words, if a plan, program, or process that we initiate doesn't meet  and pass the sustainability test, then it does not get approval to be implemented. Our goal here is to create replicable and reliable systems. If the nationals cannot maintain it after we are gone then what's the point? We're here to serve their efforts, not make movies to take back home and build our own fame. Right?

Read Our Story

A first hand account of our adventure to find, connect, and minister to the Underground Church in Central Asia.

Our Fundamental Goals in Mission Engagement: 

· Training National Leaders  

This is always a significant part of getting the job DONE. Two hundred years of modern missionary efforts have fallen tragically short of the intended goal. Now most missiologist agree that the two greatest tools of world evangelism are, (A) National Ministers/Leaders, and (B) the House-Church. To effectively win the harvest, DISCIPLESHIP (intentionally relational mentoring) must become the hallmark and legacy of our ministry efforts.

· Publishing Materials 

Books can go where we can't and they speak the language without an accent. They are immune to the conditions of culture and customs. They don't need a visa and can travel long without growing tired. Working around the clock, they have no need for food or accommodations. They constantly preach the same message without variation and remain long after we are gone. Publishing is a huge key to having a lasting impact on a society and educating a people with the knowledge of God.

· Establishing Churches  

Not only is there no substitute for congregational worship and prayer, but local churches alone serve as the centers for consistent and stable development of societies, cultures, and families in accurate truth, sound doctrine, and a balanced Biblical worldview. Local churches are undeniably the most important element for the advancement of the Gospel worldwide. 

There is no greater purpose in all the universe than announcing to the world the reconciliation of God and man by the ONE, Jesus Christ!

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